Putt With Confidence e-book



My Putt With Confidence E-book is designed to ensure you practice your putting EFFECTIVELY!

Some technical putting advice is given but the main focus of the e-book is to get the most from your sessions through easy-to-follow drills that are measurable and add some all important pressure to make it feel like you’re on the course.  The measurable aspect to the drills gives you feedback on your sessions, a critical aspect for long term improvement.

With 25 drills and games you will not have to repeat the same practice session over and over resulting in practice too far removed from the randomness of putting on the course.

All drills are can done from the comfort of your own home if you cannot get down to your practice green.

Suitable for all levels of golfer from professional to high-handicap.

Advice also given on how to best use the e-book and how to take stats with your on-course putting.

The cost of the book is £9.99, upon payment through PayPal you will receive an email with a link to the e-book pdf.

Any queries please contact me on 07988667205 or rossmacleodgolf@gmail.com